Welcome to Viral Commando Profits!

You have stumbled upon one of the most powerful advertising tools online today! I know you have heard the hype from every other site out there, but I am going to lay out every single money making secret in my own personal advertising arsenal for you. Viral Commando Profits provides you with two very unique products that allow you to turn up the heat on your advertising and put even more referrals into your programs than before!

This is the home of a very unique and powerful advertising tool!

This site is NOT a safelist!

This site is NOT a traffic exchange!

This site is the home of the only RENEWABLE marketing resource online that lets you choose what sites you want to promote in a viral PDF!

Viral PDFs are one of the most effective marketing tools online when it comes to lead prospect gathering and downline building. But there were a few flaws in this awesome tool…

The sites inside were outdated or gone! The sites in the PDF were not to my liking or my marketing style! Every time a new e-book with different resources comes out, I have to join another site just to promote it!

So, I locked myself in the lab and did some research on why making money online is so hard for some people and how to create a product that would fix the flaws I had found in other PDFs.

1 year later, I finally had everything ready in the form of two viral PDFS. The first PDF, Viral Commando Profits, answers the question of how to build a six-figure online business. The exact copy of my most successful business model, including the resources and skills required basic online marketing and a powerhouse product!

The second PDF, The Happy Hunting Guide, is a fully customizable PDF generated to YOUR specifications!

Are you tired of not being able to participate in the various referral contests that go on? Now you can just log into Viral Commando Profits and generate yourself a new copy of the Happy Hunting Guide with the participating exchanges included!

Diverting your focus and your traffic makes for a very high failure rate. Instead of diverting any of your traffic, you can now send your list an updated copy of the Happy Hunting Guide every week!

Both PDFs promote your ViralCommandoProfits affiliate link at the bottom, so no matter which PDF you give away, you grow your ViralCommandoProfits downline!

Gone are the days of trying to decide which promotion gets the bulk of your traffic! You can promote your Happy Hunting Guide custom squeeze pages in traffic exchanges and mailers to build the sites YOU want in your network even faster!

Give the Viral Commando Profits PDF to your new subscribers as a free gift, and then send them your customized copy of the Happy Hunting Guide every week to target specific site growth. This way ViralCommandoProfits promotes to your subscribers every time, giving you more chances to put them in your downline!
Grab your account now and begin your evolution today!


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