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Welcome to Viral Commando Profits! 


I have two quick questions for you.

  1. Are you still on the hunt for a steady stream of referrals and sales?
  2. Are you still tracking down that ever-elusive unlimited traffic you keep hearing about?

Well, look no longer!

My name is Marci Jones, and I will be your Drill Master for the duration of your training. With over 8 years of marketing and advertising experience to draw from, I will show you how to dominate any niche using any traffic source, no matter what your experience level!

So listen up!

Done are the days when you blindly follow the masses looking for that big score!

Done are the days of blind repetition and failure!

Before you read one sentence further, you need to answer one question:

Are you serious enough to commit the next 90 days to completing this course?

If the answer is No, then pack your bags and hit the road! You are not commando material and you can keep program hopping.

If the answer is Yes, then get ready for the most rewarding and intensive training you can get online without spending thousands of dollars!

That’s right, grunts, I said thousands of dollars.

I am going to show you how build your business with a limited budget and give you access to essential training courses and resources.

The information I am going to provide you with currently wears a price tag that ranges from $97 to $2000 per member!

What are you going to pay for it?

This information will cost you $0!

Why am I giving this information away to you? Because I know only a few of you, green recruits, are going to make it through my 90-day boot camp, that’s why! This means that the few elite commandos who take action and complete this training will be dominating their niches while their competitors are still trying to figure out how to do it the easy way.

There is no such thing as the easy way in this course. Looking for the easy way distinguishes you as prey, not the hunter. You will learn the basics of online hunting, known as online marketing to your prey. Here is lesson number one.

You are a hunter and a predator. You are no longer the prey.

Once you complete your training, you will be able to find your prey at their favored watering and feeding spots. Knowing your audience and their browsing and searching habits maximizes your advertising and hunting efforts.

I’m not going to hunt for geese in the desert, am I?  Of course not!  I going to go where there are large bodies of water, where I know there are geese.  So why would I advertise and promote somewhere my audience does not go?

This e-book will walk you through the basic steps of how to set up the Viral Commando Profit Income System, but the emails you get from me are your daily lessons.

Make sure to read every email, and complete each task when you get them in order to finish your training within 90 days.

Each resource has its own 6-day email series so keep your eyes open for the links to the supporting emails. Each series includes instructions and tips for setting up and utilizing each of the resources.

I go into specific details about each resource’s purpose, and its function. I also explain why each resource is important to your business growth and your hunting efforts.

With that in mind, it is time to knuckle down and prepare for some intensive but extremely rewarding training for the next 90 days!

Enough chitchat, recruits!

It’s time to fall in and get to work!


Step 1: Join Hits Connect

Hits Connect is an essential part of any business because you need to know where your efforts are best spent. In order to do that you need to keep track of your promotions online. Once you know where your sign ups and sales are coming from you can focus your time and money to your advantage.

You can keep track of your links as well as use the handy URL rotator to get your new ads into rotation quickly. You will find this useful when testing a new promotional page. It gives you the opportunity to see how it performs next to your previous and current pages. It is not about how much traffic you can get to your website, it is about which traffic is bringing you the most conversions!

If that was not enough for you, Hits Connect also has a viral brander that not only allows you to brand any page you promote with your name, it also promotes your Hits Connect affiliate link. This is a great way to establish web presence within the online marketing community. People are more likely to sign up with someone they know and trust, than they are to sign up with an anonymous sponsor. The cloaked URL tracks and brands your affiliate URLs, giving you statistics on your traffic so you can make informed decisions about promoting your business.

You can also keep track of your banner advertising, and knowing which banners work the best is half the battle. Arm yourself with knowledge and see which of your affiliate banners bring you the best results. There is also a handy banner rotator that lets you save time, the most precious thing of all! Just add new banners to your rotator and your newly added banners will show instantly anywhere you posted your rotator.

Set yourself up with an account today

Join Step 1: Hits Connect Now!


Step 2: Join TECommandPost

TECommandPost is the perfect solution for any marketer using traffic exchanges to promote their sites!? The back office displays how many impressions and hits remain on your active campaigns, and tells you how many credits you have available for use.? It also monitors and reports how many text and banner impressions you have, both assigned and unassigned, in order to give you a complete overview of your traffic.

TECommandPost features over 300 of the most popular exchanges, and once you update your profile with the traffic exchanges of your choice, (hint: exchanges are shown in order of best performance), all your statistics will show within TECommandPost.? This means you no longer need login to each exchange separately to know if you need to assign advertising anywhere!? Everything is in one place and you can view all of your stats at once!?

TECommandPost also has a unique surfing script that earns you more credits when surfing at any of the 23 traffic exchanges that are participating!? Another great reason to ?Go Commando? and earn even more credits for your click!

Once you update your traffic exchange details, anyone you refer to TECommandPost will see your affiliate links for all the exchanges you have updated in your downline builder section!? You also earn 10% commissions as free member!? Go grab your free membership now, and take Command of your advertising today!

Join Step 2: TE Command Post Now!


Step 3: Join Viral Mail Profits

ViralMailProfits takes the headaches out of managing a long list of safelists and mailers.  After you sign up for your free account, you go through a set up process that you only have to do once.  You add the information for each safelist and mailer that you belong to and then save the information.  There are user-defined spots for any safelist you belong to that is not already included in the listed mailers, giving you even more functionality.

The next step takes you to an email template builder.  This is where you can create your own emails to send out, or browse through some premade emails for several programs and sites for your own use, just change the URL to your corresponding affiliate link.

After setting up your emails, you then choose the safelist or mailer you would like to send to and ViralMailProfits generates your email from the template of your choice.  After creating the email with its own unique tracking url, you see another page which allows you to open the safelist’s login page and copy and paste the email into the site’s mailer system.  You then use the URL supplied in the generated email and send!

This is where the magic really begins!  Now you have a URL that tracks the number of emails opened from your sending.  Tracking your results has never been easier!  Therefore, not only do you save time by having all your safelists and mailers in one place, but you can also view the history tab to see how successful each email was, and which websites are the most responsive!

ViralMailProfits is also a safelist, so not only can you track all your emails from here, but you can also advertise to the responsive membership base that is associated with Kinder Rash Marketing.  Paul Kinder and Troy Wray have really put everything at your fingertips in order to bring success within your grasp!

Join Step 3: Viral Mail Profits Now!

Time for Bigger Game!

Step 4: Build Your Own Highly Responsive List!

Now that you have all the places to promote and our tracking is taken care of, it’s time to set up your main line of communication with your leads and referrals! Aweber is the autoresponder of choice when it comes to contact management. It provides you with reports that show you how many people are opening your emails, which links were clicked and how many times. It covers all the information you need to tweak your communications for more responsive readers!

Aweber also lets you create as many lists as you like, so you can promote as many products as you like! This versatile tool will become your key to dominating in ANY area you want! When you build a relationship with your leads and subscribers, you find that the stress of trying to promote a new product practically disappears! This because you already have tons of eager visitors waiting to read what you have to say!

There are personalized squeeze pages for you to use that you can hook up to your autoresponder follow up series! All you have to do is create a new list to use for your Viral Commando Profits follow up email series, and then create a new form for your leads to join from!

But wait! Before you go moaning about not wanting to write a follow up email series, I've got something that will make this step a snap! I have already done the work for you, and added some basic marketing tips to help you new subscribers out with helpful tips, making you look very helpful and knowledgeable indeed! Then just make some changes, and add a few of your own touches and you’ll be good to go!

Manage Your Products and Profits from one place with Aweber!

Join Step 4: Build Your Own Highly Responsive List Now!

5 Dollars Will Set You Free!

Step 5: Turbo Charge Your Funnel!

So we’re all looking for that program that is going to generate a solid recurring income without having to shell out hundreds in out of pocket costs. Enter 5 Dollar Funnel! All it takes to get started is 5 dollars a month.

You get access to valuable products that will give you more insight into how to attract more active people into your network. You also learn valuable techniques that apply to every step and aspect of your business and how to make it successful!

The products are what drive this powerful site, and the compensation plan is formidable! And the best part about this site is your original 5 dollar purchase self-funds itself into the higher levels. That means you can earn from all the products available over time.

You also get spillover from your sponsor and upline! That makes this a team build of the truest nature, and everyone who actively builds benefits! You can earn up to 221 dollars a month with just the 5 dollar product alone. The overall potential puts you over 146,000 dollars a month recurring, and it’s all due to the forced matrix and the amazing products of 5 Dollar Funnel.

Unlock your earning potential today and give yourself the freedom to truly earn and live the way you deserve. And it all starts with just 5 dollars a month.

Grab Your 5 Dollar Funnel Now!

Join Step 5: Turbo Charge Your Funnel! Now!


I have created video tutorials with screenshots of all the back office areas to assist you in the setup of each account. The great thing about this report is how simple it is! Once you are a member of each site, you can follow along at your own pace! However, I want you to keep reading, because I have some fantastic news for you!

Now you ask me, What do I have to do to replicate this system?

I am going to give you a deal like none you have seen before. Reports similar to this one typically sell rebrand rights for as much as $97. I know this is not always possible, and I DO NOT want you to miss out on the power of this report.

Sponsoring and mentoring are hard, especially if you are new to marketing and advertising. This report will help you sign up new referrals while you learn for yourself. I have enjoyed many years of active marketing, and I would love to see you become an active and flourishing member of my network!

In order to rebrand this report with your links, all you need to do is sign up for your account at

What are you waiting for?

Now is the time to take control of your future and your life. Go grab your account now, then watch the video tutorial for each back office setup, and complete each of the steps!

Then it is time to unleash the power of Viral Commando Profits!


Happy Hunting!

Drill Master Jones





Grab your account now and begin your evolution today!


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